We are conscious and aware of social and economic issues and we are working hard to reduce our fashion footprint - and become a more sustainable brand. We honour our commitments to sustainability and are forever striving to do better and be better. All our packaging is recyclable and we aim to source all our fabrics & resources sustainably.


2020 Circular Fashion Pledge.

We are honored to commit to the 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge. The fashion brands committed to this Pledge, are on a mission to change the industry. 

The 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge brings together fashion brands that are on a mission to change the industry. We recognise fashion's significant contribution to climate change, toxic waterways and ocean pollutants, land use and more. However, dynamic and innovative small and medium sized fashion brands are stepping up to improve the industry's impacts.


Our Pledge.

The Neptune Collective has committed to taking specific actions to lead the industry toward a more circular model. We are collectively committing to address the U.N. Sustainable Develop Goal (SDG) 12.5, to substantially reduce waste generation by 2030.


Specifically, we have pledged to:

Increase recycled content. 

By the end of 2021, increase the total percentage of certified recycled content by 10-percent. 

Design for durability.

Increase the use of non-blended materials, and design for durability. We are also looking into the concept of the capsule wardrobe.

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